Meet Scott White

As a 5th generation Native Texan, I understand the value of community and public education. Texas public schools allowed me to grow from humble roots to success.

I grew up in Texas, and after graduating from Texas Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I built a successful career as a Managing Director with Accenture. My focus was on business processes and information technology. In 1997, my wife and I settled in Northeast Tarrant County, where we raised our three wonderful daughters. After 32 years with Accenture, I retired in 2022.

While I am proud of my Texas heritage, I am disheartened that a few extraordinarily wealthy individuals have taken over our beloved state. The Texas GOP platform has become beholden to billionaire donors, restricted women’s access to healthcare, and is attempting to inflict school vouchers on all Texans. There has been a complete radicalization in our state politics. 

It is time for change! We need to take back Texas! I am stepping up to this challenge and will battle for you and our community. 

Good government, like business and family, requires listening and compromise. As your next State Representative for House District 98, I promise to stand up for the values we believe in. I will fight for common-sense legislation focusing on funded public schools, economic growth, safer communities, and respect for individual rights and liberties. 

It is time for change!